About Us

Hi, I'm Narpia- Mrs. C! I live in Sydney, NSW with Mr. C and our two boys; Jacob and Jack.

I have always loved the hum of the sewing machine, right from when I was a young girl spending plenty of time with my Aunty, a seamstress. I have very fond memories of a sewers course I took with my mum at just 12, further sparking my interest. I am also very much 'right-brained', loving all things hands on and creative.

In October 2014, our beautiful son Jacob was born, giving me the most precious gift of all- motherhood. As the months went on, I found myself looking for a creative outlet... both to create for my son, and also to put my love of sewing to use. It is from here Baby & Mrs. C came about. I wanted to create modern, on-trend items not found in the usual stores, at an affordable price.

Baby & Mrs. C is a little bit street, a little bit surf, with plenty of colour pops thrown in. We love statement pieces you can team with basics from other small stores to create the perfect one of a kind outfit. I have designed each item with comfort for your little one in mind, and each item comes from a small run, meaning you won't find 100's of the same piece around. As each item is handmade, there will be small differences in each- making yours completely unique!